The likes on your Facebook Page don’t matter

Well, truth be told, they do.

Why the confusion?

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I Came. I Saw. I Conquered Shared.

Viral. Probably the most abused term in advertising at least in my experience. Every marketing manager briefs their agency by saying that they want to make a viral campaign (but I have no budget for it.)

The client wants what the client wants. if he wants a viral campaign with a minimalistic budget, that is what the agency has to achieve for them. How do we do it?

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The Force is Real!!!

The force is a power that surrounds everyone, is present everywhere but can be wielded by a few to influence the greater majority. That is fiction, and arguably the closest real-world version of the force is social media. It surrounds everyone, but only a few truly command it and can influence people with it.

The question we need to ask ourselves, can a brand use the force as well as famous social media personalities?

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It’s a Colourful World

“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” – well I have not written a blog for a long time so just testing out the keyboard. Making sure it works. It does. Is this dragging a bit too much? It was just meant to be some sort of an icebreaker as there has not been a post in a while. Never mind, let’s just begin.

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Start-up India

When-ever a graduate is bored of their seemingly dead-end, not so well paying because-you-have-not-struggled-enough-in-your-life jobs, there are two routes they see in front of them: 1) A post-graduation, 2) a Start-Up.

The start-up wave is so large, that everyone wants to surf on it and the large waves get the business on the beach booming. I referring to the industry that has been created in support of the start-ups. There new investment avenues (venture capitalism), new coaching techniques (incubation cells) and new verticals in news (start-up news (duh!))

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Think different | thinkBIG

It’s that time of the year again where you “define” your career path by choosing a college and a course.

You may be facing various pressures – your parents want you to be like them or fulfil their dreams so that you can get a good job. Your friends seem to have it all sorted out, discussing
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Results: The Twitter Experiment

I could give you the verdict instead of this line, but then you would not click on the ‘continue reading’ link, and I really need you to that.

So what gets you Twitter followers.
Here are the numbers from the experiment.

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Half Time: The Twitter Experiment

On Monday Being Flippant started a twitter experiment through the account: @rishi_taparia.

We wanted to see whether there was a direct link between quantity of tweets and the number of followers.

We started this on Monday, and now after 3.5 days here are the numbers:

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The Twitter Experiment

How do you get a large number of twitter followers when you are not a celebrity or a cute girl and off course without paid advertisement.

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